Friday, April 02, 2010

TMZ is covering Lindsay Lohan to death

Yes, Lindsay Lohan is in bad shape. The talented, troubled, hard-partying, hardly-working actress is on a downward slide. She's in denial. Nobody's taking her father seriously. The people around her have no interest in extending her waiting period before passing on to lucrative immortality. And we must report our observation that the gleeful, spiteful reportage of her imminent demise and subsequent humiliation by the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com is certainly adding to her embarrassment, confusion and abetting her deterioration.

First the sewer site reports that she's going to die. Then the D-team quotes unnamed law enforcement sources saying they're "worried" about her-- all the while dispatching scumbags with home video cameras to doorstep, harass and verbally assault the poor young woman until she trips and falls into the bushes.

Now they really gang up and let the world know her finances are in disarray and that she can't pay her rent.

Oh, those lowballs pretend to be concerned. But they can't help betray their true colors with titles like this one this morning:

"Have a nice trip?" You bastards. You soulless, heartless bastards. The shaved bronzed midget and his budgie budget boy bullies can't wait to have a death on their hands.

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writing companies said...

Lohan??? Is it Lindsay Lohan?? No way!?!? Why she looks so awful on this pic??