Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Paul McCartney had a booger in his nose on American Idol last night

Thanks to the clarity of hi-definition television, it was all too evident that old Beatle Paul (in his Chris Montez-inspired collarless jacket) had a little something extra in his right nostril when he recorded his brief spot that ran on American Idol last night.

He even made a move to dislodge the nose candy on camera!

But he didn't get it.

Guess the old boy didn't have an extra 20 seconds to spare for a second take.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame you've got nothing better to do than write about this.

Rumor Rat said...

Paul McCartney’s American Idol Embarrassment

In bloggers’ terms, The Big Cheese is LMAO, and ROFL, and wondering why the hell his Rat Pack can’t come up with goodies like the gross-out story of Paul McCartney’s “uninvited guest” on American Idol last night!

But the ever-observant folks over at Tabloid Baby “picked” a real winner (you’ll get The Rat’s drift by the time this post is complete) when they watched his brief appearance more closely than most.

And with the help of high definition TV, and something known as the “zoom in,” they’re exposing Paul’s little problem to the world.

First, prepare yourself… then go to Tabloid Baby for a look at McCartney’s “hanger-on.”

Anonymous said...

At least we know T Baby is watching for someone other than Ryan O'Neal to pick his nose!!

darkmuse said...

ohh, Si Paul!! He is wonderful looks even when keep a finger in his noise))

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