Friday, April 02, 2010

P.I. claims "proof" Patrick McDermott lives

A private eye searching for Patrick McDermott, Olivia Newton-John's former boyfriend who vanished five years ago, says his hunt is over after he received "conclusive proof" he's alive.

McDermott was 48 when he disappeared from a fishing boat that set off from San Pedro on June 30, 2005. He was believed to have fallen overboard but his body was never recovered, and it wasn't long before it was revealed he had financial troubles and may have faked his death and was hiding out on Mexico's Baja coast.

Texas-based P.I. Philip Klein worked on the case for NBC''s tabloid show Dateline. He said yesterday that he had "concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. McDermott is alive."

He said his team was checking documents and voice recordings of McDermott that he and his lawyer had provided in return for detectives agreeing to leave him alone.

Said Klein: "Mr. McDermott's wishes, according to his counsel, is not to be 'hounded' any longer by investigators or the media."

He alleged that McDermott faked his death to escape mounting debts and to enable his teenage son to benefit from a $100,000 US life insurance policy.

McDermott's disappearance wasn't made pubic for seven weeks, when a reporter linked his name to Newton-John. The Aussie songbird never reported him missing, despite claims they'd been involved in a nine-year romance. Newton-John later gave conflicting responses for the oversight, and finally said that she'd broken up with McDermott. The Coast Guard kept the case open. In 2008, Newton-John married someone else.

Tabloid Baby was the only news organization to remain on the story since 2005. Our reports kept the story alive, and led to reports of McDermott sightings and Klein's involvement last year.

Klein reported contact with McDermott in 2009, though he has not shown any concrete "proof of life" which he claims to have in possession. We do know he is writing a book about his search.

We'll withhold huzzahs until he produces the live McDermott.


Anonymous said...

Finally, somebody with balls to call it Tabloid in public.-Thanks!--

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does he relevant to Andrew McDermott?? it's a THRESHOLD's ex singer. Maybe they are kindred??

onjfriend said...

like i said that must be what this county is doing to me, the game and all. Patrick is dead the da here walks around with a digital recorder on her all the time. Ask for a stay of execution and then you become attached to their circle. No thanks. What about the creature that crawls on all fours i took the blood moon from in 2001.

Unknown said...

Why else would the ventura county district attorney tell me i was not allowed to go home to the house in malibu? All these years my mom Olivia has never and would never tell me that. Dont come back here with a heart cause they might eat it. Another thing my twin, susan was murdered when we were 3 i believe it was. That thing is that hooker from hollywood that took my place after my suicide attempt in foster care here in ventura when i was 15.

Unknown said...

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baster said...

Actually after years of searching for the missing man, a group of private investigators hired by Dateline NBC were finally able to locate Mr McDermott alive and living in Mexico, according to E! Online.

onjfriend said...

If i recall correctly the pi's hired were only able to establish patrick is alive thru digita recordings they were able to produce. I dont believe there was ever a reported visit with him in actual person I know that there is just something wrong witin ventura county's courthouse. i believe it to be the widow of the late honorable Judge Robert Bradley. I believe his widow was the girl olivia's security picked up off the hollywood strip when i was 15. i was never picked up but hollywood pd drove me to my social worker, susan edson's home in canoga park. they say the Judge choked to death on a meatball Judge Bradley saved my life on two occasions. i believe this woman whom is now one of the da's here opened my sealed records of adoption. my question is why does she own olivia's ranch on big rock as well as the estate in saticoy.?

onjfriend said...

i ask the question of ownership of olivia's ranch because the da here had my x husband tell me to stay away from the house they are tired of my letters. then i was told my parents no longer work at the ranch. my parents never worked for olivia and in fact my mother flatly refused olivia's job offer off assistant. we were only there for me to meet my idol and to audition for roger davies, which i did. i was 10 years old.

Victoria Taylor said...

I lost my damn mind. Its back together now. I don't think I will find it amusing when I realize the joke Olivia and company have played on me. At least I know who is not my friend. Porn star huh?