Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Danny Gans and the Larry King divorce

There is a Danny Gans connection to what could turn out to be the final year of matrimony between Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick.

As word comes that the couple are planning to divorce, readers of this site will recall, that Shawn was scheduled to perform with Gans at his May 1st, 2009 show at the Encore Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Unfortunately, the musical impressionism superstar died in his bed sometime in the early hours of that morning (the exact time is subject to debate, because of the discrepancy between the statements of his wife and his manager).

Less than 96 hours after Gans' untimely passing, Encore owner Steve Wynn wrapped a deal to have CNN talk show host King star in a show at Gans' Encore theatre for two nights in June.

King confirmed at the time that his wife Shawn would open for him.

UPDATE: The "I mean... what!?!" blog follows up:

"...Perhaps all this went awry after Shawn Southwick’s big, planned Vegas comeback got kaboshed due to the death Danny Gans. That had to have been a major bummer for all involved, but mostly for Shawn, who was hoping for a 5 year booking so she would not have to bed down with Larry King. Brech..."


Anonymous said...

You are on to something here TB. Ask Chip Lightman why Danny may not have wanted to appear with Shawn.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Danny did not want to appear with Shawn due to a bloated face (which may heve been caused by his drug abuse) as stated by one of the emergency personel on-site?

Anonymous said...

Come on LVRJ and LVS. Go get 'im! Call the Chipper!

Anonymous said...

TB: What's up? Have they shut down your site like the did with Down Charleston Blvd??

Hog Hunting Texas said...

Divorce is not a good thing but if couples are not campatible then its ok but in this case its good to have divorce.

Anonymous said...

What's up??!!

Anonymous said...

OK... Seriously, we are beginning to really worry about you, TB. Please let us know what is happening - 8 days? This is very wierd!

Anonymous said...

Ok just curious here

But what exactly is Shawn’s talent?
That she would “Open” for anyone?
What was she going to do?

I thought she was only known for sleeping with the Crypt Keeper there

Ewwww Gross

Anonymous said...

Just tell us that u r all right... we are really worried.. what's going on with you..