Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bullock's black baby brilliant blindside

This morning brings another example of how and why those Hollywood public relation and image-making firms make the big bucks. Facing post-Oscar® career destruction after the revelations about her Nazi-loving, white supremacist-tattooed lady-banging husband Jesse James and the subsequent false S&M sex tape rumours and darker marital speculation, Duetschland-raised actress Sandra Bullock has resurfaced with a whopper of a comeback: taking a cue from her Academy Award®-winning role and adopting a black baby, finding him in New Orleans, naming him Louis after Louis Armstrong, having the little fella circumcised in a Jewish bris and filing for divorce in one fell swoop-- which changes the headline, puts her in Nicole/Angelina/Madonna class and erases any doubts about her love for all mankind.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, TB. We were worried about you!

Anonymous said...

Happy for Sandra, BUT makes you wonder ... With money anybody can buy a baby! ... AND the latest craze is buying 'black babies'. I thought the days of buying black people were over!???

For the sake of the children, I hope they find a better life with these 'celebrities' instead of using them as 'gimmicks' or for 'publicity purposes'! ... Also, I thought in order for a child to be adopted, the person who is adopting has to be married!


Anonymous said...

I found it odd that two people, with one having a history of dressing in Nazi costume and screwing around with a freak with 'WP' tattoo (I read somewhere it was for 'White Poswer') would try and adopt a black baby. I've always like Sandra, but how do you marry someone that is THAT different from you?

Anonymous said...

Even single people can adopt! And the color of a babies skin no longer makes a difference in this Country (USA).

I do not believe for a second that Sandra Bullock would adopt a black child for any kind of publicity purpose! She has never acted or seemed like that kind of person.

As for Jesse, well that is certainly another story. Bullock wasn't thinking when she took on that guy.

Nikki said...

You know I very much doubt that Sandra bothers to read any of these things, but just incase, you go girl, and God Bless You!! I know without a doubt that baby is so loved by you and it will have a life filled with love, it will never be hungry, never want for anything I am so happy, I pray you find total completion with this child and I am sure you will! I was a foster child, I know I was loved by my foster mom she didn't give birth to me but she will always be my mom in my heart, God Rest Her Soul! All the best to Sandra, and to any who are hateful or jealous, leave her alone, hury onto the next person you can pick on, she just wants to love this beautiful baby and give him a great home leave the two of them alone!