Saturday, April 10, 2010

Escaped shaved bronzed midget sighted

Shoppers of average size and smaller towered over the tiny frontman for the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com as he broke free from the West Hollywood aerie of his sewer operation and showed up amid the beggars, street musicians and apocalyptic preachers at the Third Street Promenade in oceanside Santa Monica to pick up pocket money as the "reporter" for the syndicated People's Court television show, pretending to elicit live reaction to verdicts that supposedly are taking place in a nearby courtroom but were actually were recorded in a studio at different location far from the place where he giddily scampered about to the delight of passersby and others who did not realize that The People's Court was still on the air and were impressed by his copious application of brown pancake makeup.


Anonymous said...

Get over it already--TMZ is big--whether you like it or not--just keep spending all your time looking up Ryan O'Neal's butt--you'll catch up!!. Or maybe you'll just realize nobody gives a rat's ass and move on....to Paul McCartney's booger, or something JUST as important.....

Anonymous said...

Is this site run by a 12-year old? Seriously. How ridiculous is your obsession with Harvey and TMZ. When kids continue to make fun of someone it usually means they have a crush on that person and that's what it seems to be here!

TMZ is just another site that happens to have actual viewers. Maybe if TB would grow up and stop posting PERSONAL attacks such as this and all the crap on Ryan & Farrah, maybe you'd actually get some traction in the gossip world.

Your site thus far, is a GIANT snooze!!

Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!