Monday, November 09, 2009

Tabloid Baby excerpt: November 9, 1989

"Thursday, November 9, 1989, was a pretty rough day. I went home without hitting the bar, ordered some Japanese food from Obento Delight around the corner and was settling in to watch some television when the phone rang. It was Wayne.

"'Get down to the Fortune Garden, mate. They're tearin' down the Berlin Wall! Communism's over and the place is going fackin' nuts...'"

That night, a group of Germans made history and a group of tabloid television foot soldiers from A Current Affair changed the face of television news.

In this exclusive excerpt from Tabloid Baby on the tenth anniversary of its publication, you will see how.

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Anonymous said...

Remember this well.. we actually just took out Tabloid baby to re-read this excerpt-- good stuff!