Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Video: Pink Slip is Facebook's buzz clip

The first installment of Pink Slip, the new romantic comedy webisode series, made a splash when it hit YouTube, but the real buzz started after it was spread around on Facebook. Set in L.A. and focusing on what folks do when they're out of work-- pink slipped-- and broke, it struck a chord with viewers, and part two, which injects some real Bosom Buddies-Some Like It Hot comedy, is bound to attract even more attention.

Pink Slip Part One focused on Suzie, who's working two jobs to make ends meet. Now the series picks up with Max, who's recently been evicted and comes up with a solution when his Aunt Florrie drops dead. Check it out. It's written, produced and directed by Tabloid Baby pal Muriel Campbell and showcases a lot of talent, who, when they eventually hit it big, you can say you remember from Pink Slip.


Pink Slip - Part 1 - Suzie said...

If you've enjoyed Pink Slip - Part 1 - Suzie, you will enjoy Pink Slip - Part 2 - Max even more.....and Pink Slip fans should know that Pink Slip - Part 3 and Pink Slip - Part 4, just wrapped this weekend and Part 3 is set to go up on YouTube the first week of December...It is Christmas themed and now Max and Joey will lure an innocent Suzie into their scheme, and Suzie and Max will finally hook up in what promises to be a very sexy and unexpected way.

Pink Slip - Part 2 - Max said...

Pink Slip - Part 2 - Max is just the hilarious beginning of the zany couple Max and Joey's imitation of Aunt Florrie and Lulabelle.... In Part 3, these two macho guys will have to pass the test of meeting Aunt Pauline and the Seniors....and the stronger test of how to deal with real male feelings for the beautful Suzie, while you are in drag trying to pretend to be a woman. Basically, it's "Sex and the City" meets "Tootsie"....and part 4 adds just a bit of "Some Like It Hot"