Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paso Robles loves Chris Montez movie

"This is only a preview of our film about Chris Montez-- and it was put together for a convention of Beatles fans..."

Director Burt Kearns' teasing introduction to the preview of El Viaje Musical de Ezekiel Montanez: The Chris Montez Story was more than fulfilled last night as the Frozen Pictures film proved to be a hit at the Paso Robles Digital Film Festival. The screening at the La Quinta Hotel attracted a crowd of filmmakers, actors and musicians, who cheered the music as well as the intriguing and surprising story of Montez's experience headlining a tour of England with the Beatles as his opening act-- the very month Beatlemania broke out in the UK.

Producer Brett Hudson & producer/directorBurt Kearns, star Chris Montez and producer and director of photography JB Blunck introduce the film preview

Brett Hudson, who shares producing duties with Kearns, promised the full movie will be released in 2010. Festival director Benford Standley said immediately that he wants to show it in Paso Robles.

ItalicFestival director Benford Standley, The Chris Montez Story's executive producer Oscar Arslanian and Chris Montez

More photos from the Paso Robles Digital Film Festival:

Chris Montez rehearses the all-star bandGary Busey dances to a terrific set by Diamond Dave Somerville that included a guest spot by Sonny Curtis

Kathleen Quinlan greets Gary Busey
Max Gail and Gary Busey

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