Monday, November 09, 2009

NY Times: A Current Affair at the Berlin Wall

The New York Times solicited readers' photos and recollections of the fall of The Berlin Wall. Among them was the encapsulation of the groundbreaking and singular tabloid television coverage by the producers and host of A Current Affair, as recounted in the book Tabloid Baby:

"Brandenburg Gate, East Berlin — On the night of Thursday, Nov. 9, a contingent of producers and correspondents from A Current Affair boarded a rented jet at Teterboro Airport bound for Berlin, where we crashed the network party. Maury Povich borrowed Peter Jennings' perch to report live from the Brandenbeug Gate while Dan Rather flew around in a cherrypicker above him. The next day, Maury reported from the Eastern side of the Brandenburg Gate. Then we commandeered a Mercedes and drove into the forests of East Germany to reunite two brothers, one who owned a small sugar plant there, and the other we had 'kidnapped' the night before from a tavern on the Upper East Side. As told in the chapter "Achtung, Baby!" from the book, Tabloid Baby."

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