Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Danny Gans' children: "Where's the truth?"

On the eve of their first Thanksgiving without their father, Danny Gans' three teenage children have come forward nearly seven months after their father's death, in an interview to promote his new posthumous autobiography, The Voices In My Head, and to deny their father was addicted to drugs.

The heartbreaking talk with teenagers Andrew, Amy and Emily took place in a hotel room with a reporter from Las Vegas television station KTNV, focused on Gan's untimely death on may 1st from an overdose of the painkiller hydromorphone, known as Dilaudid and on the streets ad "drug store heroin."

The Gans kids insist their father was not addicted to painkillers at the time of his death, but despite earlier denials from the musical impressionist's friends and colleagues, they do confirm that he had been prescribed drugs to deal with pain from various injuries and surgeries.

"He didn't like being on the pain medication because he didn't like the way it made him feel," said Andrew. "So he'd go onstage sometimes, he'd be in so much pain, he'd have to go offstage during a change and get sick because he was in that much pain and he didn't like taking the medicine."

Daughter Amy added: "Because of the fact that I knew Danny-- he was my Dad-- sometimes he would go without the medication. And I can't, I can't believe people would just say that just to say it. Where's the truth behind it?"

The children were brought out to speak with the media a few weeks after their father's death. At time, they claimed they had no inkling that Danny Gans had any medical problems, except for high blood pressure.

In the latest interview, Amy also said she was sad that her father will not be around to give her and her sister away in marriage.

The family has since moved back to California. Emily has started high school. Emily is checking out colleges. Andrew, who, like his father, had a potential baseball career ended by injury, has taken up acting.

Once again, their mother Julie, Gans' widow, who discovered his body and called 911, did not participate in the interview.

See the entire interview here.


Anonymous said...

I just can't bear the evil people who spread gossip and lies about this man without any evidence or regard for his family. Can you, blabby?

Htos1 said...

Holy cow, dude!