Friday, November 06, 2009

First Oasis, now Aerosmith

Joe Perry says Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith.

Just this morning, we were watching a CNN clip about Aerosmith's performance in Abu Dhabi and noticed that Perry and Tyler were interviewed separately, Tyler alongside his new partner in crime, Tabloid Baby pal Mark Hudson. Perry says the Abu Dhabi show was the band's last, and that he learned of Tyler's decision "online" but hasn't been able to confirm it because Tyler doesn't return his calls. He denied guitarist Brad Whitford's claim that the band would look for a new frontman.

Tyler didn't look all that steady in the Abu Dhabi interview. Then again, he fell off a stage and broke things not to long ago.

Aerosmith is cited as an influence in the book, Tabloid Baby. We've also been following the story of hometown rock 'n' roll hero David Hull, who's been filling in now and then for Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton, and most recently been holding down the bottom for the reunited Joe Perry Project.