Monday, November 02, 2009

Danny Gans' co-writer responds to Vegas columnist's slam

It was a shock to fans of Danny Gans that the first hometown review of his posthumous autobiography was a detailed rebuttal from an entertainment columnist who claimed that "though I'm not named," he was the target of a chapter in The Voices In My Head that took aim at a jaded, sleazy, dishonest show biz writer.

Mike Weatherford (left) of the Las Vegas Review-Journal (a paper that's owned--extraordinarily-- by the book's publisher) accused Gans of a "grudge," and called his co-author, RG Ryan, "sloppy," in yesterday's Review-Journal column and blog post.

Ryan responds exclusively to Tabloid Baby:

"Not sure what set Mike off, but we had a cordial phone conversation during which I was able to provide a context for the chapter in question. His accusation in print that I was a 'sloppy co-writer' seemed based solely on a mis-spelling of former RJ entertainment reporter Michael Paskevich's name, which, for the record, was also missed by the Stephens Press editorial staff.

"He's entitled to his opinion, as was Danny Gans."

UPDATE: RG Ryan also responded to Weatherford on the Review-Journal blog page:

"Regarding those details that I didn't, "bother to ask you about", it was an autobiography, Mike. Those were Danny's memories, and he didn't plan on dying prior to publication.

"About Mike Paskevich--what can I say, the mis-spelling of his name made it past all my edits, plus the editorial staff of Stephens Press, a situation I find profoundly unfortunate but am powerless to correct.

"By your reaction to this chapter it appears that reviewers have feelings too...just like the celebrities they review, which was kind of the whole point.


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