Friday, September 25, 2009

Mobsters + cannibals + zombies = hit

Hollywood isn't the only place churning out movie news and movie hits. Tabloid Baby's pal in Atlanta, movie producer Keith Walker, tells us that the long-awaited mobster-cannibal-zombie flick, Lynch Mob has finally made it to theatres around the country and is getting a lot of attention-- and screams-- for being one of the few mobster-cannibal-zombie-horror selections out there. We told you about the movie two years ago when it was still in production. A lot of people worked on it, including Our Pal Keith in Atlanta, who tells us the talent behind the hometown First Cinema production company really deserves kudos for a bloody good job.

Indie vet Scott Stamper (above) wrote (with Rachel Stamper) and produced...

Byron Conrad Erwin (above) directed and stayed true to the script... and actor-executive producer John J. Cornetta took his first star turn in what could be the next cult classic.

The movie's showing in Carmike Cinemas across the country. We'll keep you posted. Check your local listings and check out the trailer:

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