Friday, September 18, 2009

Did chemo kill Patrick Swayze?

Cancer survivor Suzanne Somers is quoted this morning saying that cancer-riddled Patrick Swayze was killed by chemotherapy treatments. She told columnist Shinan Givani: "They took a beautiful man" and "put poison in his body. Why couldn't they have built him up nutritionally and got ten rid of the toxins?" Somers has a kook reputation that dates back to her wacky decision to quit Three's Company at the height of its success, but she has been at the vanguard of alternative cancer treatments.Tabloid Baby pal Brett Hudson has written vividly about the cruel effects of chemotherapy on his blog on The Klinik documentary project website, and also about the importance of combining traditional treatments with nutritional, complememntary and alternative therapies. When it came to going beyond the American medical establishment, Swayze, alas, came late to the game.


Mother of the year said...

People has a really good article.

Patrick had bad odds. For him to survive as long as he did, looking as good as he has during his fight, he's lucky he had so much time.

From things I've read it had already spread when he was diagnosed.

Anonymous said...

Chemo and other toxins that Doctors put into peoples bodies that have cance ARE just as much a killer as the cancer itself. However, most people don't have enough facts do treat it with a different method. RIP Patrick!

Anonymous said...

Hudson made a point of correcting those of us who erroneously referred to his treatments as 'alternative'. I'm not sure complementary or natural would have helped Swayze.

From Hudson's blog: “Alternative.” The word’s been used a lot describing the treatment I received at The Klinik, because it’s an “alternative” to the limited options offered here in the States. But to be accurate, I was not treated with alternative medicine.