Monday, September 14, 2009

Swayze lived

Once Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a lot of us figured he was a goner, but if he proved one thing in the time since, it was that he was never dying. He worked, he lived, he kept the hope alive, and was determined and strong enough throughout that more tha a few people were worried because he wouldn't give up the cigarettes. Swayze underwent the CyberKnife and the results of the state-of-the-art radiation treatment surprised him so much that he considered himself to be a miracle. The cancer was too advanced and he started the alternative treatments too late, and in the end, everybody dies. He spread the word about the CyberKnife, though, and now more people know enough to seek it out. He also starred in some great films like Red Dawn and Point Break, and one that made the Tabloid Baby's list of the Top 50 movies of all time.

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Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace, Patrick! Sad news! So many people died in 2009! At least Patrick will be in good company in the after life!

He seemed to be a nice guy, in real life. Another one that died too soon!

God Bless You Patrick!


Mother of the year said...

The way I personally feel is that it is his life; his cancer had a 5% chance of survival that last time I looked; which is 10% less then my dad's. My dad also did not stop smoking; well he did for 5 weeks due to being in the hospital but started once he got to his house.

I spoke to the Dr; the Dr told me that the smoking was the last thing they were concerned with. They said that with how long he smoked & how much, the damage was done. It would not make a difference if he stopped or not. He did cut down from a pack to about 5 cigarettes a day but knowing he was going to die along with the treatment side effects.. I don't blame him for not being able to stop. It was a very stressful 8 months.