Sunday, September 27, 2009

Joaquin Blanco sells one-of-a-kind bicycle

The last time we heard from Tabloid Baby pal Joaquin Blanco, the Portuguese performance artist was claiming he'd been kidnaped-- or was he chasing down sightings of a real-life flying pig? Or maybe it was his curatorship of the Blow LA festival. In any case, the man behind the Christmas Garbage Cane is back, and selling off his latest work of art.

He writes us this evening:

"Tabloid Bebe:

"It has been too long, hasn't it? I am back. You remember my obsession with the Topanga Flying Pig? A picture to remind you -->

"For many generations my family in Portugal built bicycles under the Maiale Volante name. You may remember that an MV team member once placed 253rd in the Tour de Lisbon.

"While our family's bicycles may not have been swift on the ground, they flew in our stories every night at the local pub. I, too, apprenticed in the family shop. Before I left on my quest to find the Topanga Flying Pig, I created my own Maiale Volante.

"You as an artist of words can appreciate the tough times we creative folk are facing. So now, my beloved Maiale Volante has been listed on the international auction site, eBay, in time for the Halloween rush. I first approached Christie's, but while their curators deemed my work of mechanical art delightful, they had no room on their calendar. It seems that French bicycles of the 40s are more interesting to them than my flight of fancy..."

The one-of-a-kind fixed gear bicycle is up for auction now on eBay.

Click here to bid.

It's a classic-- and worth it!

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