Monday, September 28, 2009

Danny Gans autobiography at printer

The long-awaited Danny Gans autobiography, which co-author R.G. Ryan insists was completed the day before Gans' untimely death on May 1st, was sent to the printers this morning, according to publisher Carolyn Hayes Uber.

Huber, of Stephens Press, whose parent Stephens Media also publishes the Las Vegas Review-Journal, blogs on the Working Titlez site:

"The Voices in My Head, by Danny Gans and R.G. Ryan went to press this morning. Whew!

"Danny’s very personal biography will debut in a trade paper edition later this month while a special collector’s hardcover edition (with an audio CD) will be out in December. More on both to come.

"Danny poured his energy into everything he loved, from his family to his faith, from baseball to his career in entertainment. When it came time to document his life story, he poured his energy into this project as well. Sadly, Danny passed away the day after the manuscript was completed. His inspiring story remains, offering a compelling mix of touching tales and life lessons. Danny’s story, told in his own voice, from his own heart.

"We’re honored to publish The Voices in My Head."

The book's complete title is: "The Voices In My Head: A Story of Triumph Over Tragedy and Beating The Odds in Las Vegas."

Earlier this month, we contacted RG Ryan to find if any changes were made to address the tragic circumstances of Gans' death.

He replied:

"No rewrite necessary re: drug use. That's a story for someone else to write."

Yes, it is.

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