Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jenny Slate full-frontal nude photo! The girl who said the f-word on Saturday Night Live!

Jenny Slate made her debut on Saturday Night Live in the early hours of Sunday morning with her own sketch about a biker chick talk show in which she and her guests used the word "frickin'" (instead of "f*ckin'") over and over again. Amid the hilarity, she somehow wound up tossing in the real f-word and then made a funny face (puffing out her cheeks) to call attention to it. The "slip-up" was edited out for the West Coast feed, so we didn't get to hear it, though we did notice the edit because it was made mid-puff.

Former SNL cast member Charles Rocket is best known for saying the f-word on camera back in the Eighties. He later committed suicide. Jenny, who especially in biker drag was a fine visual alternative to chubby Casey Wilson, should fare a lot better. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if she'd been hired for that very reason. Facing competition from premium channels and the Internet and looser restrictions on cable, why not use the new kid to test out the reaction well after midnight on the 35th season debut?


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