Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Katie Couric tells Israel she's a victim of "sexism"

"I find myself in the last bastion of male dominance,

and realizing what Hillary Clinton might have realized
not long ago: that sexism in the American society
is more common than racism,
and certainly more acceptable or forgivable."
--Katie Couric, CBS News

Katie Couric is in Israel for the first time, on vacation while Barack Obama is in Iraq, yet acting like she's campaigning, treated and acting like a celebrity, and talking about herself and her plight, as in the following "monologue" in Tel Aviv that's quoted in Haaretz:

"I have no doubt in my heart that I made the right move, accepting the CBS offer. I would have regretted it otherwise. It's true that the pressure was immense and the expectations almost impossible. One person cannot perform such miracles and transform a whole network on his own.

"It's also true I'm not doing today exactly what I've been brought to do, and that my chance to express myself is fairly limited in the 22-minutes format, but I still enjoy my work, I think it's important and fascinating, and do believe we can make a change with time, bit by bit.

"Unfortunately I have found out that many viewers are afraid of change. The glory days of TV news are over, and the media landscape has been dramatically changed. News is available now for everyone, everywhere, all the time, and everybody fights for the last pieces of the shrinking pie. The corporate pressure and the ratings terror are intensifying all the time, and the situation is not simple. I find myself in the last bastion of male dominance, and realizing what Hillary Clinton might have realized not long ago: that sexism in the American society is more common than racism, and certainly more acceptable or forgivable. In any case, I think my post and Hillary's race are important steps in the right direction."

She added:

"My mother is Jewish, but I've been raised as a Presbyterian. I'm interested in finding out more about these roots."


Gawker said...

It is virtually impossible to argue against the notion that both Hillary Clinton and Katie Couric faced repeated, institutionalized instances of sexism. But it's puzzling that Couric brings this up in the context of race — jumping into the argument over whether women or minorities are more aggrieved in America.

How has Couric's own professional experience taught her anything about the prevalence of racism versus the prevalence of sexism? It's all too easy to leap to the conclusion that she's talking in this case not so much about herself as about the Democratic primary — about Barack Obama, and about how he, as some Clinton supporters like Geraldine Ferraro argued, faced fewer obstacles as a black man than Clinton did as a white woman.

Is that really a debate in which Couric wants to take sides? Because it's hard to see how it would be particularly wise for her, as a network evening news anchor, to do so. Unless she's angling for Keith Olbermann's job..

Anonymous said...

Good point. However, Congresswoman Barbara Jordan said she felt that she faced much more discrimination as a woman than as a black.

Anonymous said...

If Ms. Couric would try to fix herself up more, and do something with that flat drab hairdo and give it some lift or body, she might get more viewers. She needs to realize she is a person in her own right, not just a mother or a widower. I LOST MY HUSBAND. I HAVE CHILDREN. But i also take time to be me and don't hide behind my grief like she does. It has been years since both of our losses. Give yourself a break. Come out of your shell and let the viewers see the old Katie in all her glory.

Anonymous said...