Monday, July 28, 2008

When all IBL players cheered Leon Feingold


Anonymous said...

Hope you can look yourself in the mirror

Ty said...

You can't even say your name...what a piece of work you must be.

BringHeat said...

Yeah, that was fun. But those schnitzel were awful. It was like speedeating dry cement.

And why couldn't I look myself in the mirror? Because I wasn't sure whether or not I needed to add an 's' in order to pluralize "schnitzel"?

More than half if not nearly all the "anonymous" postings on this site are just TB staff and Elli. They only say the same few things over and over and over again! Weak.

tabloidbaby said...

Sorry, Leon, but none of the comments you're seeing is from Our Man Elli or our staffers. They're all from your friends and colleague.

We write on the flip side. The comments are for our readers.

Manny Ramirez said...

Leon : You are a total shm--- if you think that TB is the one doing the posting. Yes I am anonymous but you can not be so naive to the real world. Wake up and smell the shnitzel!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me, this is the Leon Feingold?...

Take a listen..

I'm not entirely sure that you completed a full sentence.

Old man; stop, this is embarrassing for the rest of the young, semi professionals out on the field trying to continue to play the game we love.

Your name has become synonymous with douche.

How was your 2008 season..?

We remain anonymous to obscure the fact that we were interested in the first place.