Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dan Rootenberg, the Player King of the New Israel Baseball League, has tossed aside his crown and walked away.

We say, "Hats off to Dan!"

And sadly, we knew it was going to come to this, because there was no other way it could end. Dan Rootenberg proved himself to be an upstanding straight shooter, who took on the job– or at least was in line for the job-- as "in-coming president" of the Israel Baseball League for one purpose: to straighten out the outstanding debts of last season, and to right the ship for this season.

And because we know him to be a straight shooter, we will also forgive him for his apparent hubris in thinking that he alone, could have been the savior of the league; that he alone, could have forced the league leaders to suddenly engage in financial transparency, opening the books and admitting how much money was raised, how much was spent, and how much debt is still owed- and why.

Because honest as Dan is, did he really think he could accomplish exactly what another Dandy Dan couldn’t achieve ten months ago? Last September 19, IBL Commissioner Dan Kurtzer– the former U.S. ambassador to Israel, who carries considerably more weight and muscle– attempted the very same thing. He and others from the IBL advisory board held a four-hour meeting with Boston bagel baron Larry Baras, reading him the riot act and demanding to know the who, what, where and how of the IBL's money.

And as as Our Man Elli reported here reported here on January 26th, Baras had a free offer from his advisory board to have an independent financial professional-- somebody he’d find acceptable-- review and assemble the financial information of the league.

Baras turned down the offer.

So if Larry Baras told dandy Dan Kurtzer to stuff it like one of his UnHoley bagels, how could dandy Dan Rootenberg have believed that he was going to get the Boston bagel baron to come clean on the dough?

Even after Kurtzer and the IBL 10 quit — as we reported first on November 15th-- still there was no accounting of how much was raised ($3 million? $4 million? $5 million?), or how much was spent.

All these many months later, we still we don’t know.

Nice try, Dan Rootenberg. At least he made the effort, and had the courage to quit when he was being stonewalled, as did the IBL 10.

Dan Rootenberg stands in good company.



I got your phone call earlier today and I'm writing to let you know that the league is issuing a press release later today announcing that I will not be accepting the presidency of the IBL. I wanted to give you a heads up since you have been so closely following the story. “I remain committed to cultivating a strong, responsible and viable professional baseball league in Israel.” I think I will wait a bit before commenting further, if at all. Elli, I appreciate your cooperation through all of this.


Dan Rootenberg


Anonymous said...

The real kudos goes to Tabloid Baby. If they had not stayed on top of this story Larry would be out there conning people left and right.

Don't let Larry Baras and his con men spin the story that Dan Rootenberg decided not to accept the head job at the IBL. That is B.S.

Dan decided not to take the job because as Tabloid Baby so rightly pointed out Larry wanted Dan to be a puppet.

No one can blame Dan for now sitting back and licking his wounds but if he really wanted to do something to advance Israel baseball he would now use this opportunity and platform he has been given to expose Larry Baras for the lying scumbag he is.

If Larry really wanted what was best for the IBL. He would come out with a press conference saying he will no further have anything to do with baseball and ISRAEl.

He would get out of the way and make way for a legitimate busisness interest to step in.

Larry is a no good snake who is an embarrassment to the Jewish PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

When will Martin Berger resign?
Will only Baras give up when the jail door closes behind him?
Is Ami Baran standing proud and tall?

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that the IBL apologists have run for the hills.

We don't hear from them anymore but we know they are reading.

Anonymous said...

Ami Baran is a joke as is the rest of the board who stand behind Larry Baras.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize when you take out the middle letters from Larry Baras name you get.

LY and BS.

That sums it up when you are dealing with larry.

He is a lying bull sh-tter.

Anonymous said...

Baseball is going to come to Israel. Not this year and perhaps not even in 2009.

But the Ami Baran's , Dan Duquette's , Martin Berger's ete have so disgraced themselves with their association with Larry that they will have no place at the table.

Eric Holtz said...

I am very disappointed and disturbed at how things have transpired. I had been planning great things with Rootenberg in the hopes of resurrecting the league, but only if it would have been done correctly and responsibly. There is for sure a future for Baseball In the Holyland, however there needs to be a Group to come in and right the wrongs-save face if you will and move on in a positive and right way. Financial responsibility and paying previous debt is paramount to the future of Baseball. Putting an ample product on the field will never be the issue at hand, rather being Businessmen is the foremost task at hand. I for one will attest to the Hard work, dedication and undying attempts to get this done correctly by Dan Rootenberg who I take my hat off to. The last month has been tough and believe me, he has tried to get things done only one way-The Right way! Thanks for your hard work and attempt at advancing Baseball in Israel

Anonymous said...

Are Dan and Eric going to participate in this baseball festival in August? Or, are they finally going to come forward and actively advocate, including very forcefully to the IAB, against the continuing involvement of this group of con artists in any aspect of baseball, professional or amateur, in Israel?
It's one thing to give props to Dan's valiant stab at reviving the dead, it's another thing when men in the know finally stand up and speak out against hypocrites, liars and thieves in order to pave the path for whatever group of honest, well-intentioned, well-funded businessmen step forward to do baseball right in Israel.
They both have a chance to go deep...it's a full count and they've now been served a fastball right in their wheelhouses. Called strike three or a bomb into the sunflowers at Gezer?

Anonymous said...

Disappointed and disturbed? Only now?
Where've you been? Walking around with
your head up your butt? Or Larry's? Or
Martin Berger's? Maybe the people who
somehow believed that the IBL leaders
would change their ways should start
explaining why they believed this. You
all have empowered them to keep their
operation going when it should have been
steamrolled months ago. So, Mr. Holtz,
after all that went on last summer right
in front of your eyes, why'd you sign on
with them? What did they tell you? What
proof did they show you? What financials
did they show you? What empty promises
did they make to you about what they were
going to do for the league? About what
role they were going to give to you? To
others? And what made you, after
all this time, so disappointed and disturbed?
The people deserve to know. The young
players who followed your lead deserve to

Eric Holtz said...

I don't respond to anonymous questions. You have something to say, step up and be a man. I'm easy to find.

Anonymous said...

Eric - Thanks for great comment. You're a real mench :)

Mrs. Cheese

Tippy said...

Eric ,you do not have to answer to anybody.

Either you are stupid or a self serving S.O.B.
You knew that Larry was a fraud and made no bones about it to everyone in earshot.

Thanks for ruining baseball in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Dan you are a fool to listen to Eric.