Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now we have twenty questions for Presidente Solomonte of the Dominican Republic of the Middle East Baseball League

Our Man Elli in Israel originally posed the following questions to Dan Rootenberg, the player-turned-"incoming-president" of the new and improved Israel Baseball League. Since Dan was not given the information to answer them, we turn them over to David Solomont, AKA "El Solomonte" of the IBL's successor, the DROTMEBL (Dominican Republic of The Middle East Baseball League):

Here are Our Man Elli's 20 questions. As a matter of fact, we;ll take answers from anyone who feels they can answer:

1) How much of the $1.5 million in IBL debts from last year has been paid?

2) Has Kfar Hayarok been paid? If not, will it be? What about Gezer?

3) Does the IBL owe money to the JNF for the roughly half million dollars given last year by the JNF to the IBL?

4) Is it true that most of the money being used to pay players now came from Israeli VAT refunds relating to last year's activities, and the proceeds from the sale of Maximo Nelson to Japan-- in other words, not from new investors?

5) How many investors have signed on to the new season?

6) When will the private placement memorandum necessary to raise most of the money needed by the IBL be available?

7) Is it true that the IAB is requiring the IBL to make a security deposit ($200,000) in order to be re-licensed, which the IBL hasn't been able to make?

8) If the IAB doesn't acknowledge a license with the IBL, will the IBL try anyway to conduct a league?

9) Who is controlling the finances of the new league - Baras? Duquette? You?

10) Will your brother, Jay Solomont, have any involvement in the league?

11) Is it true that Larry Baras still has a large ownership stake in the IBL?

12) Will Dan Duquette be the CEO of the revamped league? If so, would you be reporting to Duquette, or to someone else?

13) Have plane tickets for this year's players been purchased?

14) Where will the players be staying during the summer? Have there been any payments made reserving those arrangements?

15) Have the player's uniforms been ordered and paid for?

16) Is the league supplying bats or will the players have to bring their own?

17) How many players have committed to playing this summer, and what percentage is from last season?

18) Who are the managers and coaches?

19) What is the drop-dead date for declaring that there is no season this year?

20) If there is no season this summer, are there plans to continue efforts to create a season in 2009?

"This is going to be the Dominican Republic of the Middle East"
--IBL "interim president" David Solomont


Anonymous said...

These questions will never be answered voluntarily and without legal pressure because the ibl is a scam organization.

The JNF which is supporting the IBL and Larry Baras needs to be questioned and embarrassed into answering the following questions:

1. How much money have they given to the IBL

2. How much money have they given to Larry Baras

3. What is the money supposed to be used for.

4. What supervision do they have that the money is being allocated as promised.

5. Is money being given for field development being used to develop fields.

6. Are they raising money for project baseball under false premises (i.e. telling people it is to help the youth of Israel ete and it is only finding its way into Larry Baras' pocket)

Children in the USA have raised money for their bar and bat mitzvahs and given it to the JNF only to be victimized by this scam.

This is the story that needs to be told.

Anonymous said...

How about the top 20 questions for Larry Baras?

What do people out here want to ask him?

Anonymous said...

This guy 'anonymous' with all these questions, don't you have anything better to do with your life? Maybe Maccabi Haifa or maybe some guy living in raanana "Seth who?" It is incredible that there is anybody really so interested in this whole 'scam' unless!!!!!???? Unless he put in time or money in this 'scam' and if he did then he too is part of the 'scam' because whoever got into this knew very well that this could not be a money making organization , at least not for the next 10 years. Even Soccer does not make money .

And as you well know (from your baskeball experience) no money in baskeball either unless you are Maccabi Tel Aviv.

get a life, move on , who the fu.... cares who got ripped off, how much money was raised , why do you care!!! Like what you are the new Messiah, spreading th word of all criminals and asking questions that you think anybody will be interseted.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for responding. We will continue to hound you because you are a scumbag.

Alot of people care about who got ripped off here and because we know that you read this post more than anyone else we will continue to ask you the tough questions.

look forward to your response you fat fu-k!!!

Anonymous said...


Why when Marvin Goldklang offered to pay for an independent accountant to advance the IBL forward did you refuse to take him up on it.

Answer: because you pocketed more than 5 million dollars.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Larry for husling bar and bat mitzvah kids!!!

Anonymous said...

JNF info:
1) The IBL received $480,00
2) They gave it all to Lary for his discretion
3)Field developement
5)not as far as any Israeli knows
6)They are still raising money for Project Baseball


Anonymous said...


That is Four Hundred Eighty Thousand Dollars!!!!

And the field contractors in Tel Aviv and Gezer were not even paid!
Note :the Tel Aviv field was turned back into a soccer field right after the season due to non payment!

Anonymous said...


Why did you run out of Israel even before the championshio game was over?

Answer: You know you are a scam artist.

Anonymous said...


Are you still married. How does your wife let you climb on top of her. YOUR so fat!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Larry really working for the JNF?

That would be incredible.

Tabloid Baby can you find this out for us.

IBL fans want to know.

Anonymous said...

Hey that last comment about Larry's wife is un called for but how could she stay married to him knowing what a scam artist he really is.

Anonymous said...

Dan Duqutte is now taking over day to day operations!?

First Dan Kurtzer
2nd Dan Rootenberg
3rd Dan Dukette

Remind me not to name any of my kids DAN

Anonymous said...

What is Jeremy Baras doing now that he is unemployed?

Anonymous said...

I think Jeremy is busy changing his last name to anything but BARAS.

He is unemployable with that last name.

Anonymous said...

They offered him a job in fundraising
No idea if he took the job or what Larry's relationship with JNF was or is.
BUT he was offered a job which means they excuse his cheating ways

The JNF know that he did not spend the $480,000 on fields but still have no problem with him!

Project Baseball ia alive and well
on the JNF website!

Sounds peculiar doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

how much do you think Larry really weighs?

Anonymous said...

300 lbs of pure shi-

Anonymous said...

If I were the JNF I would be worrying about being sued.

Anonymous said...

You mean 300 lbs of pure Bull-Sh-t!

Do I hear 350?

Anonymous said...

The JNF should come clean with their involvement with the IBL and Project Baseball real soon.

Anonymous said...

The JNF should come clean with their involvement with the IBL and Project Baseball real soon.

Anonymous said...


Shame on you!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the JNF got into bed with the wrong business partner.

The Liability for them is enormous.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr Anonymous above who doesn't care about the scam that is the IBL.

What have you got to say for yourself now.

Nothing thats what because it appears that a bunch of people are on to you LARRY.

They know you are a lying sack of sh-t who spreads bull sh-t as soon as he opens his mouth.

justin said...

I just receive a check for $1500 two weeks ago from Dan Rootenberg representing the IBL. It bounced today, what a surprise!!!

Justin said...

I'd like to apologize for naming Dan Rootenburgh on my previous comment, apparently he has left the IBL because of this very reason that players aren't getting paid. On a more positive note, I was also e-mailed by another IBL representitive saying he will electronically send me my money tomorrow. I hope this one's for real!

Anonymous said...

I can't understand the IBL's end game.

Do they just want to keep looking foolish. Making announcements and then breaking them.

Sending out check after check and bouncing them.

Isn't that criminal in an of itself just bouncing check after check.

Who is signing these checks?

Was it Dan Rootenberg? Larry?

Which bank do the checks come from?

Who is controlling the funds that are still coming in for the IBL.

I see that they are now selling merchandise again?

It was mentioned that they got a refund from the government of Israel for the VAT.

They got 50,000 for selling a player to Japan.

They receive charitable donations from all the publicity they received.

They are now out there with momentum again off of their fraudulent movie.

What I want to know is with there web-site that clearly promotes them and has them open for business accepting money - Where is it all going?

Answer: Into Larry Baras' pocket.

Anonymous said...

They are trying to sell shares of teams for big money.
The only problem is that if they find a sucker they in turn will get sued for fraud!

William said...

I can't wait for the winter season in Southern Israel.
Will it be 4 teams ?
6 teams?
Festive style?
Players from Israel only? Worldwide?
What will they do when it rains for three weeks straight?
Why is such nonsense being reported in the Jerusalem Post?