Friday, July 25, 2008

IAB to IBL: "P-A-Y your IOU's, you SOB's!"

Dateline: Jerusalem. Our Man Elli in Israel, rushing for Shabbat, reports that as of this moment, Israel's baseball governing body has not, and will not, sanction play by the Dominican Republic of the Middle East Baseball League— also known as the Israel Baseball League-- until all debts are paid in full.

Haim Katz, president of the Israel Association of Baseball spoke with El Presidente Solomonte (known among Boston businessmen as David Solomont) yesterday, and told him in no uncertain terms that the IBL has no agreement with the IAB, and that the IAB has no interest in discussing one unless the debts from the IBL’s first season are paid-- starting with Gezer, where the IBL won't be playing this summer, because Gezer wants to be paid for last season.

Katz says the IAB will only talk turkey with the new IBL regime after debts are paid, and says there will be no preconditions of preferential treatment over any other group or individual interested in professional baseball in Israel.

The IAB board is to meet soon, and is expected to vote overwhelmingly not to have anything to do with the IBL.

It’s not clear if the IAB has the legal power to stop the six-game “festival” at which Solomont promises his “players are going to put on a show,” but sources tell Elli that in any case, the IAB will probably stand back and let the IBL implode by itself.

"If any exec of the IBL shows up," a source tells Our Man, "I assume they'll get served legally by Israeli creditors who haven't been paid."

"This is going to be the Dominican Republic of the Middle East... Our players are going over to put on a show!"
--IBL's new "in-coming president" Solomont


Gull Able said...

The IBL countdown clock is set for 1 day 17 hours
I can not wait for the games and fun to begin!
I am leaving home extra early to avoid the crowds and get a good seat.
I told you Larry would right the ship. Marvelous job. Thanks Larry!

Anonymous said...

To get clock go to IBL website click on something then go back to countdown clock

Anonymous said...

it is now 3 hours and counting
The excitement is killing me!

Anonymous said...

The countdown clock is over.
I drove to Gezer but there was no game.
Yarkon Sports complex but the field was torn down
Baptiste Village and no game

I packed up my car with my wife and 4 kids and headed back home to Bet Shemesh
The disappointment is huge.
Why wasn't somebody man enough to tell us that there will not be baseball in Israel in '08