Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com has removed an offensive photo of minor child Ali Lohan from its website after TabloidBaby.com pointed out that the photo "obviously is meant to look, at first glance, as if the 14-year-old child is performing an act of fellatio."

The offensively-cropped photograph accompanied a posting with the equally offensive headline, "Dina to Porn Guy: Breast Wishes to You, Sucker."

The smarmy nature of the photograph, headline and story are not out of place on the sleazy, subliterate website run by shaved bronze midget Harvey Levin and a group of West Hollywood boytoys (and whose headlines today include "McMahon Pisses Off Divorce Lawyers," "T.I Suffers from Elect-ile Dysfunction" and "Bar Refaeli Is a Hot Piece in a Two-Piece"), but is especially surprising in light of the fact that TMZ is a sister operation of CNN and owned by the corporate giants, Time Warner and AOL.

The scandal reached international proportions this afternoon when the British website Anorak picked up the story and added these items from the parent companies' online guides:

AOL: “Help protect your children from the potential dangers that can lurk on the internet. View the websites they visit or limit their time online. Help get peace of mind by using parental controls.”

TIME WARNER - Standards of Business Conduct: “Harassment includes, without limitation, verbal harassment (derogatory statements, slurs, epithets), physical harassment (assault, physical interference), visual harassment (cartoons, drawings, postings, e-mail) and innuendo.”

So far, there has been no word that Levin has been stripped of his managing editor title, whether TMZ will face criminal charges, or that the incident resulted in anything more than snickers in TMZ's West Hollywood aerie.


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