Monday, January 09, 2006

One Little Coincidence


Twelve hours ago, we wrote about our doubts about the verisimilitude of James Frey's "memoir," A Million Little Pieces.

And now The Smoking Gun unleashes its Frey expose, A Million Little Lies.

It looks like the memoir contained a lot of pieces of fiction, after all.

But hey, we figured as much, and even though we started "feeling had" midway through the sequel, A Million Little Pieces still gave us nightmares over the holidays.

And it had us reaching for that pink-covered sequel.

So good scam, Jamey boy, you elite lucky one. You got it published. And you got it on Oprah.

Cheers, Smoking Gun. Now take on Diane Dimond.

And Oprah: Check out this book. It, too, wallows in degradation and has a redemptive ending. And it's all true. We swear.


goo goo eyes said...


Frey reviewed and busted by John Dolan at The Exile site weeks ago -pre-TSG.

Alleges PLAGARISM from Eddie Little's Another Day in Paradise.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Oprah fans.

Does everyone just want a free car?

If a writer has a book worthy of the "club" - let's say even published -
by golly they should go on the show!