Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Diane Dimond's book: Be careful who you trust

Diane Dimond is no friend of 'Tabloid Baby'-- or freedom of the press.

Diane used to be a tabloid television reporter. The author of 'Tabloid Baby' used to be her boss. He wrote scripts for her, fed her lines and helped "create" her as a tabloid TV star.

But when 'Tabloid Baby' was released six Novembers ago, Diane led the media boycott of the book. She was hosting a CNBC show with Geraldo Rivera at the time. She didn't like the way she was portrayed in the book, so she stopped the author from appearing on NBC shows.

Diane later revived her career by jumping on the Michael Jackson bandwagon, claiming she'd been on the case since the late 80s. Throughout the recent investigation and trial, Diane acted more like a prosecutor than a reporter. But she doesn't have the smarts of a Nancy Grace. She was a clown in the circus and played the role to the hilt.

Her performance in the Jackson case probably ended her hopes of ever again being taken seriously as a journalist, but it did get her a book deal.

Her book is officially out today. Let's hope nobody tries to stop her from publicizing it.

(For the real story of how Diane Dimond got involved with the Michael Jackson case, read 'Tabloid Baby.' Try page 276 for starters. Let's see if Diane tells the same story in her book.)


spankerit said...

Dimond had wrote this book on what she heard and not on the FACTS, its all bunch of LIES she talked about people that she never meet or know, she is the kind of journalist that should be BARE its people like her that makes even Springer look better.

Anonymous said...

Dear Spankerit -

You ignorant slut.

Diane is a friend of mine and she does not LIE -

PS Learn to spell

eda said...