Thursday, January 26, 2006

Make 'Tabloid Baby' an Oprah's Book

Word spreads this morning that Oprah has reversed her defense of A Million Little Lies and is kicking Jimmy Frey’s ass on live TV. Gawker has a great play-by-play that’s so outlandish we thought it was parody.

Funniest line is from the New York Times, though, which notes that “...ABC News interrupted the (Chicago) broadcast to televise President Bush's news conference…” One big liar interrupted by a bigger, fatter liar, ha ha.

But here’s what gets us. Frey wrote a painful and entertaining “memoir.” He made it up. It was fiction. He didn’t really have a bloody hole in his cheek when he boarded an airliner. He’s not a big, tough Fight Clubber, but a chubby mama’s boy with a voice like Elmer Fudd. He likes the work of Jay McInerney and Brett Easton Ellis. He probably killed a few gullible readers by directing them away from legitimate rehab.

And he gets not one, but TWO hours on Oprah.

The author of Tabloid Baby didn’t get on Oprah's show at all.

Tabloid Baby is a true, nonfiction, real, contemporary memoir of abuse and redemption. If we must say so ourselves, it's the anti-A Million Little Pieces, the standard by which all other memoirs can be measured. The book weaves a compelling tale of real-life tough guys, powerful media figures, and everyday alcohol abusing blokes, while documenting their true-life adventures along the way. Its Lillies and Leonards are real people, with photos to prove it. They are richer than fiction.

Tabloid Baby's hero really does suffer a hole in his cheek (Chapter 14)! Witnesses and medical records back up the fact!

The main characters do indeed abuse alcohol (any chapter)! Bar receipts prove it!

Tabloid Baby sends a message that Oprah would want to carry through all the world!

And Oprah ignores it.

The best thing James Frey can do is get back on the crack.

Oprah can let the healing begin by featuring Tabloid Baby as her Oprah’s Book Club selection.

So let the grassroots
email campaign begin!

Email Oprah’s Book Club. Tell Oprah that you want to see Tabloid Baby as Oprah’s Book Club selection.

Show Oprah the power of the truth.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea. Tabloid Baby is a perfect way to wipe the stain of James Frey from Oprah's couch.

It's a book from a small publisher, largely forgotten, yet very influential to many.

I've sent in my email.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tabloid Baby -

I'm on board!

Fuck Oprah - but do go on her show!

Are you cute? I think you are!

Let the truth Prevail!

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