Sunday, January 29, 2006

Black Bart Brennan, a good old dog

Tabloid television creator, innovator and godfather Peter Brennan sent out the following email this evening:

"The original 'Tabloid Dog,' Black Bart Brennan, has passed on, aged 18 years (human). Bart, adopted from the West LA pound in 1990, was the Black Lab-Chihuahua mix whose immense IQ was purposely never measured against the tabloid producers who for years would come to visit him, first at his Coldwater Canyon home and in later years at Slash's old house on Sunset Plaza Drive. Bart refused to chase balls, mix with other dogs and most humans. He is missed by his best friends Fletch and Ali."

Bart was a good old dog. He witnessed or participated in many an adventure. He was very lucky to have Fletcher and Ali as his pals, especially in the final months. We said our goodbyes to old Black Bart on New Year’s Eve. Long may he run.

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