Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jared Ramsey Patrick: New player in town

Let us turn you on to Laundry Night.

Young, talented, hungry and handsome hotshot director Jared Ramsey Patrick is making a mark with this short film. And now you can watch it at home. Right now. Right here, online, as the work is featured in the Moviefone Short Film Festival.

Jared (seen here with James Earl Jones) has been a key player in the rise of Frozen Pictures, from its earliest triumphs in television documentary projects, through its landmark Showtime series My First Time, the musical documentary feature, The Seventh Python, to its move to current movie success with the DVD film comedy Cloud 9.

Director, producer, cameraman, editor, writer, the Canadian expatriate has done it all. And then he went out on his own and got the financing and crew to direct his calling card and first step to features.

Laundry Night is a sexy, sleek erotic thriller.

And it’s a comedy.

The short film stars Kristin Richardson, who’s appeared in movies like Jarhead and TV series like Lost, and who happens to be married to a Backstreet Boy.

It’s been a hit in film festivals around the country. The reviewer from the Ain’t It Cool News website called the short, “stylish, comedic, quirky, well shot-- I liked it a lot, it'd be really nice to see a Jared Ramsey Patrick feature!”

Jared Ramsey Patrick is a Hollywood player now.

Watch out for him.

And watch his Laundry Night. Twelve minutes well spent.


UrbanBarbarian said...

Thanks for the tip! Wow! What a cool short film! I think you're right about Jared Patrick!

Matthew said...

I've seen it, and it is a really good short. Hope to see more from Jared in the future.