Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TMZ gets it wrong again & Bill Hudson should sue

Corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com gets copied by a lot of old media outlets, but in their enthusiasm to embarrass and mock the celebrities they prey upon with such bitter jealousy, they often get it wrong.

Case in point: This morning the site recycles beach photos of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell as an excuse to laugh at the fact that they are aging (leaving aside the longevity and quality of their careers) and to warn Kate Hudson to not feel too good about herself, because despite her beauty, talent and A-list power-- something the TMZ rentboys can never achieve-- she will one day fall to the ravages of aging and time.

To stick the needle in a little deeper, they add a shot of Kate's biological father Bill Hudson.

Only problem?

It's not Bill Hudson.

This is Bill Hudson:

We don't know the identity of the man in the TMZ photo. We do know it's not Bill. (That shot has been used mistakenly in the past, schmucks. Do your homework.)

Bill Hudson, famed as a member of The Hudson Brothers, has just released his first solo album and is advertising a unique concert tour-- you can book him to play in your living room.

But not in your scummy jacuzzi, Harvey.

(Now the countdown begins to when TMZ will switch photos. WARNING: Don't rip off the photo from this site because it's copywritten and we'll sue you just like Bill Hudson should.)


Anonymous said...

the strange thing is that doesnt even look like Goldie- where do these people get these pictures.......??
and as much as I like Kurt Russell the guy thats not Bill still looks a little bit better than Kurt.........

Bill Hudson was hot then - he's hot now............so TMZ lay the hell off..............

Anonymous said...

I always thought THE Bill Hudson was pretty cool. He seemed in on the joke about his 70s show and I, for one, haven't heard anything bad about the guy - a monumental achievement given his Hollywood life.

Kevin said...

Ummm.. that is Bill Hudson..


Picture #4 is him WITH Kate Hudson, it's the exact picture that you say isn't him.

Maybe do your research before you bash TMZ for "not" doing theirs.

tabloidbaby said...

Sorry Kevin, the link you give is mistaken. They misidentified the man with Kate.

That's NOT Bill Hudson.

We do our research. You see, we're friends with Bill. We've seen him up close.

That's how we knew it wasn't him. And he let us know it's not him.

The corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com was wrong.

That's why they corrected the mistake.


Anonymous said...

It Is Very Sad That Mr Bill Hudson Has Been Denied His Right As A Parent And Now Grandparent. Ms Hawn Left Bill Hudson After The Birth Of Their Daughter Kate Because She Cheated On Him With A Co-Star While Making Private Benjamin. She Has Publicly Mocked Mr Bill Hudson, A Catholic Christian. She Did Not Allow Him To Be With His Two Children While They Grew Up And Now He Cannot See His Own Grandchildren!!!!!

Ms Hawn Is Not A Real Jew Or A Real Buddhist.