Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Return of Brian Dunkleman?

“Dunkleman turned his back on a fortune, and people ridicule him for it. I think he’s a hero. I say we should start a 'Dunkleman for President’ campaign.”
-- Neil Innes, LA Times, June 2008

Pop culture alert: An unexpected resurgence of Brian Dunkleman, the actor-comedian who made show business history when he quit his co-hosting role on American Idol after its first season (he didn't like the sadism inflicted on the young contestants-- Simon Cowell called it the biggest mistake in industry history). Dunkleman's cohost Ryan Seacrest went on to Hollywood prominence and power. Dunkleman went on to the "Where Are They Now?" files. And Celebrity Fit Club.

Until now. Heroic Dunkleman appeared at the top of last night's Idol premiere in what had to be a heart-wrenching half-second cameo (in a reprise of Seacrest saying "This" over seven seasons, leading into his "This is American Idol" open). Tomorrow, he's featured in a new episode of My Name Is Earl, and we are hearing there is about to be some kind of major Dunkleman announcement on Monday.

A major Dunkleman announcement.

Stay tuned.

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