Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bob Lee's classic interview with Brian Wilson makes note of the Beach Boy's relationship with rocker and documentary subject Chris Montez

Bob Lee, a writer at the forefront of the Los Angeles rock 'n' roll journalist pack, met up with one of the greats recently and showed why he's tops in the music writing field. Lots of journos and muso crits have lined up to interview Brian Wilson lately but few used the time to create a classic article that adds new information and insight to a well-thumbed history.

That's what Bob Lee does with his short-but-deep piece in LAist. And it's not only the type of left field question that will pop a pop genius out of his psychotropic reverie:

Do you have a favorite chord?
A favorite chord? You mean in music? Uh, E!

Check out Bob Lee's interview with Brian Wilson here.

Our pals at Frozen Pictures are chuffed about this exchange:

I noticed that another guy from Hawthorne named Chris Montez, who did "Let's Dance", is having a documentary made about his life this year. You knew him?
Yeah, I met him in high school.

Was he involved in music at that time?
Not at the time, no. But later, I heard his record and I flipped. I loved it.

Have you seen Chris at any time recently?
No, not in forty-some years.

We heard God Only Knows on the radio this morning. While driving on the PCH!

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