Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TMZ bows to Tabloid Baby in Bill Hudson boner



Well, it only took four hours, but the crumb bums at the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com finally got around to fixing their mistake. In a cruel, unprovoked attack on beautiful Kate Hudson, the sleaze site misidentified an anonymous skeletal man as Kate's father, Bill Hudson. We emailed TMZ to let them know that they'd pulled another boner-- and even joined other readers in the comment section who knew better than the Santa Monica Boulevard pickups manning the "news" desk. The kids deleted both our comments-- but they replaced the picture-- after four hours of untold damage to Bill Hudson's reputation.

Too bad they used a shot of Bill that's about twenty years old!

And we never got a thank you.


Teresa said...

Must be a really slow "news" day at TMZ if they can't find something else to write about! First they post a picture of Bill Hudson, except it isn't really him. Then they can't even take the time to find a reasonably recent picture of Bill, something that can be done on the internet with a minimum amount of effort. And then, of course, when they do finally get around to posting a picture of Bill they (as you guys said) drag out a picture thats around 20 years old. But, of course, a recent shot of Bill would totally negate the point of this article because Bill still looks damn good!! As for those pictures of Kurt and Goldie (if that is really her..I have my doubts) could TMZ really be more insulting?? Oh, I forgot, insulting everyone involved is the objective in the first place!! TMZ..YOU GUYS ARE SCUMBAGS!!!

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