Monday, January 05, 2009

Guilty: NBC News bosses are giving Ann Coulter the same treatment they gave Tabloid Baby

Word that NBC News execs decided-- or tried-- to ban Ann Coulter from appearing on Today and other news-related shows on the network and their cable outfits comes as little surprise to folks in this office. NBC did the same thing when Tabloid Baby was published nine years ago. Author Burt Kearns headed to New York City for a book party at Elaine's and promised appearances on various NBC outlets only to find the appearances were canceled-- in one case axed personally by the top news banana at the time, Tom Brokaw, the guy who puts his name on all those committee-written "baby boomer" books. As in the case of Ann Coulter, Kearns' view differed from their party line. Back then, the other networks followed-- with the exception of Fox, on which the book shed the most light.

Nov. 11, 1999
The New York Post
Neal Travis’ New York


WHILE network news organizations have adopted many tabloid-TV practices, they don't like to admit it - and certainly don't want anyone getting air time to talk about the way standards have changed. Burt Kearns, in town to launch his book, "Tabloid Baby," just learned the power of establishment television. Kearns was scheduled the other evening to do John Gibson's MSNBC show, talking about the way the tab stars of "A Current Affair" outperformed traditional news anchors - including NBC's Tom Brokaw - at the tumbling of the Berlin Wall 10 years ago. Kearns was pre-interviewed and the cable channel arranged a limo to take him to their studios over in New Jersey. Just an hour before the car arrived, they canceled him. He was told Brokaw - who has his own memoir to plug and who regards the news very seriously - was taking his place.

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