Sunday, January 25, 2009

Exclusive! The Seventh Python at film, fan fests

The Seventh Python, the acclaimed Neil Innes doco film from our pals at Frozen Pictures, is officially on the film festival trail.

The film has been selected for inclusion in the first annual Chicago International Movies & Music Festival and will be screened March 7th at the Chicago Cultural Center downtown. Director Burt Kearns and producer Brett Hudson will discuss the film after the screening.

The film will be in competition with other first-rate musical docos. Awards will be presented on Sunday.

Then, on March 28, the film will be a highlight of another Fest for Beatles Fans. The film will be shown as an 11 a.m. Saturday morning "early bird special" in the Grand Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Meadowlands (a tunnel from Manhattan), where the 35th annual convention-- the New York Metro Fest"-- is taking place. When the film was shown at the last Beatles fanfest in August, a thousand fans gave it a standing ovation.

Once again, Kearns and Hudson will be at the fest all weekend for fan Q and As. What's more, Neil Innes himself will be there to perform and join in. (Victor Spinetti will also be at the Beatles fan fest, so expect photos.)

Other Seventh screenings and festivals will be announced soon. We do know the film is headed to the Revelation Perth International Film Festival in Perth, Australia in July.

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