Tuesday, May 15, 2007

That's no way to treat an Idol!

A big Tabloid Baby razz to radio station KISS 106.1 in Seattle, for trying to humilate the hometown teenager who's been the brightest light of this American Idol season (and we don't mean Jordin).

The station invited good-natured and charismatic Sanjaya Malakar to appear at a promotional concert over the weekend, featuring the busty Idol also-ran Katharine McPhee, Fergie, Lily Allen and Hillary Duff-- but when he got onstage, he was blindsided by a bunch of drag queens-- and the song "It's Raining Men"-- apparently in a bid to to turn him into a "gay" joke.

Sanjaya, who's only 17, has already been forced to "declare" himself straight in an interview with People magazine. But even if hedid happen to be gay, so what? And why make fun of anyone for that reason?

Radio stations are big these days on suspending and firing jocks for offensive behaviour on the air. How about suspending or firing these homophobic clowns? Oh, right. They can't-- because management was obviously in on it.

Lucky for Sanjaya, he's bigger than Seattle.

Complain to KISS 106.1 here. Like Ryan says, do it often.

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