Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BBC journo goes nuts for Scientology

No, it's not another segment of The O'Reilly Factor. No, it's not Katie Couric yelling at her assistant because the latte isn't non-fat. It's a BBC reporter, losing his cool while speaking to a Scientology member while filming a documentary special on the religion. The Scientologists claimed the BBC was out to smear them, so they followed the BBC crew with their own cameras and created their own documentary.

Remember, the guy doing the screaming is the reporter.

The BBC piece aired last night on the Panorama show. John Sweeney is the reporter. He told the London Daily Telegraph: "What I did was wrong and stupid, and I am embarrassed about it."

Hey, no worries! Keep 'em coming! We're just waiting for Anderson Cooper outtakes.

(FUN FACT: John Travolta, who's leading the criticism of the BBC report, is a really nice guy and he loves animals.)

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