Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tabloid Baby spawns Tabloid Prodigy

We realize the good name was taken, but couldn't she have at least gone with Tabloid Babe? We've never heard of Marlise Elizabeth Kast, whose new book, a memoir of her days in the tabloid business, hit stores this month. She worked for the Globe and the book is about print tabloid world. Ours focuses on television. Hers seems to be about making up stories. Ours is about telling the truth. Yet the promo copy sounds strikingly similar to our original:

"This riveting and entertaining memoir is full of... outrageous-but-true tabloid experiences... behind-the-scenes deals, manipulations, and deceptions used to break the big stories. In an industry where turnover is high, and loyalty low... multiple bosses, a rotating roster... professional shenanigans, terrifying situations, and comical predicaments, as well as legal threats from some of the celebrities and 'personalities'...

"... As this riveting memoir reveals... redemption is more honest and personal than any celebrity news... ever reported..."

So get out there, buy it and read it! Tabloid Baby, we mean.

Note to Marlise's publisher or PR team: Send us a copy and we'll give it a review...

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Travis said...

What's next? A book called "War and Not So Much?" "Gone With the Breeze?" "Catcher in the Wheat?" Come on, lady. Try again.