Monday, May 28, 2007

Somebody save Lindsay Lohan!

Think of him what you want, but Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has been shouting from the rafters that his daughter needs help and that the people who surround her and profit from her don't care about her well-being. And as the latest photo collection from X17 Online-- taken this morning, about 48 hours after after Lindsay's supposed wake-up-call of a car crash and cocaine-related DUI arrest-- show, her mama sure ain't looking out for her.

Somebody better move in soon-- before this brilliant young actress--this kid-- winds up dead.


Anonymous said...

Good Work X17 and BK. This kid has to go into a SERIOUS Rehab. Everyone close to her has to move away and give her to the experts. This talented young woman is going to kill herself (or someone else).

jay said...


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