Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Si! Si! Si! Fab Forever conquer Mexico

No, that's not the Beatles with a lucky fan-- that's the Fab Forever, the greatest Beatles tribute band in the world, with a lucky fan in Mexico City, after recovering from their tragic engagement at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas to represent the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority in a goodwill promotional tour South of the Border. The Fabs played to sold-out crowds in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City beforfe heading back to the States.

The tour marks a comeback for the group, which was forced to cut short its full-on stage show at the Riviera Hotel & Casino after a car crash injured John Lennon's wife and daughter. But as you see in the photo above, the replacement is a spitting image of the intellectual Beatle, with chops that match his predecessor's. Las Vegas officials and hotel reps on the South of the Border tour were very impressed with the Fab's performance and a high-profile Vegas comeback is all but certain..

"The tour was terrific," says Fab Forever manager and legendary tribute impresario Jerry Peluso ("The Brian Epstein of the Tribute World"). "It was Besame Mucho all the way! Mexican audiences are loco for the Beatles-- In Mexico City, there's even a radiopstation that dedicates two hours a day to their music. To paraphrase A Hard Day's Night: 'We'll be back."

Peluso was mum on the future for the group's future, so we'll ask:

Which hotel will be smart enough to offer a new Vegas showcase for the Fab Forever?

They're that good.

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Sara said...

Fab Forever is definitely numero uno!!!! Good luck on tour! I can't wait to see you all again. Every performance is FABTASTIC!!!!!