Sunday, January 28, 2007

What, us worry? Satire lives!

We were at the airport this weekend, and on a wall of glossy magazines, this cover stood out.

MAD is back.

We're like others our age. MAD was the magazine of our youth, the one that shaped our comic sensibilities and anti-authoritarianism. We're always on the lookout for those old paperback compilations from the first twenty five years or so, and The Mad Bathroom Companion, a massive loaf of a compilation from 2004 ("The Mother Load" edition, which combines all three in the series-- the original, "Number Two" and "Turd in A Series"-- under one hardcover), is a favorite in the Tabloid Baby office. Recent spotchecks at the newsstand have confirmed that the old mag has new life-- and holds its own against Viz.

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Elli in Israel said...

nice kudo for mad, i agree 100%