Tuesday, January 23, 2007

'Virgin' show looks like mockumentary sequel

Wow, a reality show in which ten schmoes get a shot at losing their virginity on camera. To a "celebrity"! Sounds like a wild idea-- and already the casting call is spreading around the Internet, thanks to a high-profile corporate tabloid site that moonlights as a porn promoter. But a closer look at Virgin Territory suggests the winner may not be the only one getting screwed...

The ads today are pretty funny. With an idea he describes as "Big Brother meets The Howard Stern Show," pornmeister Kevin Blatt maps out a parody of the reality format that's up there with the best of Fox Television.

Ten "medically certified" (how they hell are they going to prove that?) male virgins will be locked lock in a house in LA's pornful San Fernando Valley. They'll be "monitored" to make sure no one has any sexual contact-- "even with themselves," and a "celebrity host" will preside over competitions and tests that result each week with the lowest-scoring virgin being Prematurely Ejected. "America" will vote via a 900 number to decide between the final two. On the last episode, "surprise celebrity takes the winner to the Lose-it Lounge, where video cameras will record the action to be shown on the Web and on TV (Fox again?).

Blatt is best known for marketing the Paris Hilton sex tape, and today, TMZ, the sleazy AOL website that's being spun into a syndicated TV magazine, is hyping the new sex show and teasing that Jenna Jameson or Paris Hilton might be involved.

But notice the poster's mention that Blatt "originated" American Cannibal.

Last year saw the release of a documentary called American Cannibal: The Road To Reality that told the supposedly true story of Blatt's attempt to produce a reality TV series in which contestants are placed on a desert island, starved and encouraged to eat each other. He develops the idea after passing on an idea called... Virgin Terrritory, wherein a guy gets to lose it to a porn star.

Many believe the Cannibal documentary was actually a staged , Blair Witchian "mockumentary."

So is this one for real? Or are the casting call, and the billboards set to go up in LA and NYC, the first steps in the making of a sequel?

Hey, at least let's hope the "celebrity" isn't Andy Dick.

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