Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Moon over the Rose Bowl

So far, for New Year's Eve, we've had f-bombs, seemingly topless dancers, and Dick Clark. But did a USC cheerleader actually forget to wear her underthings for her nationally-televised new year's Day Rose Bowl appearance? Could she have possibly flashed the nation in a way that Janet Jackson couldn't imagine (or fit on the screen)?

Aww, but the HDTV gets to the bottom of it all:

Well, it sure looked like she was doing a celebutard upskirt imitation. But as the killjoy HDTV freezeframe reveals, our Song Girl was cheeky, but not freaky. It seems she's got something under the pantyhose, after all-- only not enough. Or just enough, depending.

(...and a tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to our eagle-eyed pals at Awfulannouncing.)

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fishbowl l.a. said...

Cheeky USC Cheerleader Charms Crowds: Trojans Win

Tabloid Baby is looking up cheerleader's skirts, and seems to like what he finds...