Friday, April 21, 2006

F--- McDonald's and those BK motherbuckers

Now McDonald's is going the obscenity route to promote its obscene products.

First it was Burger King and its Big Buckin’ Chicken commercials-- “Big Buckin Chicken” as in “Big f---in’ Chicken” -- a smutty joke for impressionable kids only accentuated by the “The only way to beat it is to eat it” tagline.

Last month's Brokeback Mountain chic aside (big cowboys riding "chickens"), we didn't like the Burger King ad. We don’t think it’s good idea for the fast food companies to ease the kids in to f-word and masturbation jokes the way the liquor companies eased us in with apple wine and alco-pop.

We’d figured McDonald's would take the high road-- or at least cash in on the outrage.

Yeah, right.

McDonald's, with their sugar-soaked fries, is now running a spot touting free items customers can receive off the dollar menu. In the ad, two young guys are bleeped every time the "F"-word, or "free," comes up in their discussion. The narrator explains that the deal is "so good, it's obscene."

Chris Edwards, the creative director at Boston agency Arnold Worldwide, came up with the idea, helping poison our kids’ minds as well as their bodies.

F--- you, McDonalds.

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Anonymous said...


now if we can just get In and Out to stop printing those silly John 3:16 ads on the inside of their cups...