Sunday, April 16, 2006

What's wrong with Lindsay Lohan?

Now what’s wrong with Lindsay Lohan?

When she hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, she could hardly croak out the “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” in the opening sketch.

The voice strain was evident-- and alarming-- during her opening monologue and ensuing “comedy” sketches, and may have been the reason most of the monologue was handed over to Kenan Thompson as (in this case, ironically) a "drunk" Easter Bunny.

The girl's nineteen and has the voice of Harry Belafonte!

The last time Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live, there was great concern about her skinny arms. This time around, the health situation seems far more serious.

Sam points out that he noticed she had similar vocal problems at the Nick Kids' Choice Awards earlier this month (site of her now-notorious underage ass flash).

She scaring the children! It could be excessive alcohol consumption burning away her esophagus, vocal cords parched by screaming at Jessica Simpson-- or cancer.

We’re acquainted with her troubled dad, Michael, and in the past have thought twice about his warnings regarding her health.

Now it seems evident: At the least, she should give up the cigarettes.

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Anonymous said...

"Screaming at Jessica Simpson." What BS!