Friday, April 07, 2006

Xenii marks the spot for scandal

Paula Abdul is making news for saying she was attacked at a private party over the weekend. Our sympathies are with the loveable lunatic from our favorite TV show, but the attack seems to be less newsworthy than the party itself.

Paula's police report pulls back the lid on a big fat Hollywood Babylon scandal just waiting to happen. According to reports, the party took place in Hollywood on a rented soundstage at the Sunset-Gower Studios, sponsored by a “private society” called Xenii.

As if the Freemasons, Scientology and the Mondrian SkyBar aren’t enough to deal with in this town, apparently we’ve had Xenii (“Ex-ee-knee,” rhymes with ”weenie”) floating around for months now: an exclusive, elite, secret club that advertises on the Internet. Go figure.

From a look at the website, Xenii is a Hollywood networking group that throws weekly private parties that flow far into the early morning hours, past closing time at different locations; not exactly a throwback to the Players Club, but an opportunity for people to pay money to party with celebrities, publicity flaks to get ink, party boys to meet B-girls, people like "DJ Adam" Goldstein to become known and everyone feel exclusive and important in the tradition of studio gates.

One site calls it: “L.A.’s solution to keeping Jane Schmoes away from Leonardo DiCaprio and Average Joes from Lindsay Lohan. And no, you can’t talk your way into THIS party, invite only! Agents expense the membership fee and modeling agencies have their clients work the parties, all to keep the social circuit so fresh and so elite with a higher caliber of starfuckers…”

Judging by the Xenii website and various blogs connected to it, the Xenii events include the usual party people, a dash of porn stars, lots of black entertainers to sing and dance and spin records to keep the white folk with cell phones dancing and enough photographers on hand to keep the celebrity magazines filled with role models and stars like DJ Adam.

From the website:

“Xenii is a private society, not open to the public.

"Individuals are accepted into Xenii based on the strengths of their relationships with trusted members, and the qualities and attributes they bring to the Xenii Community.”

A private society that includes Paula Abdul? The site has photos of the membership:

A real pretty bunch, wouldn't you agree?

“Think 1965… Andy Warhol and the Factory
Think 1925… The Great Gatsby Gatherings.”

Yeah, right. Think Entourage meets Fatty Arbuckle in Nicole Ritchie’s hot tub.

“We will soon be operating every single day out of the new Xenii House, which will be completely decked out and staffed as a place of refuge for members and as a place for us to host exclusive daytime and nightime gatherings. Similar to a VIP lounge at an airport - the Xenii House will provide members with full complimentary amenities including food, drinks, coffee, wireless internet, periodicals and more.”

Bottom line, Xenii is bound to make the police blotter again.

First it’s Paula Abdul getting thrown around by some entitled wanksta in a silk shirt, next it’ll be Suzie Wannabee found in a ravine off Mulholland and the investigation begins.

Keep an eye on Xenii.

(L.A. never got the velvet rope scene right. For a glimpse at what the Sunset Strip and Hollywood bar and club scene was like not too long ago, when nobody drank and the only velvet rope that mattered was at that bar near the Farmer's Daughter motel on Fairfax, give Tabloid Baby a read.)


Anonymous said...

Xenii is awesome, throws the best parties in LA and is taking over the nightlife scene. Pathetic internet-bloggers will never understand...

Anonymous said...

Xenii is ok, but who wants to pay when you can party for free? Not I said the cat.

Anonymous said...

Parting is for free is fine. Some people can afford to party at a whole different level, and that's Xenii. It gets rid of the fakes who sneak their way into clubs.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, how much b.s. floats around on the net. Take this bit of information from someone who helped design weekly, This heavenly playground called Xenii... EVERYONE must have a bit of fun now & then, But if your a household name then how do you enjoy yourself without the entire world watching you? without the scrutiny? without the paparazzi...simple... Xenii..
& dont be too upset because your not able to afford this...they earned it. let them enjoy it.

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