Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chris was hard as a Rock, but scandal is simple

So now Chris Rock is caught in the Anthony Pellicano scandal, accused of using the defrocked private eye to dig up dirt on a beautiful Hungarian model who'd claimed he was her baby daddy. It’s nice to see that this hardcore Afrocentric comedian is an equal opportunity inseminator, and not so different from the folks he scandalized at the Oscars.

Or Bill Cosby.

The uproar and outrage over the Pellicano case is about as transparent as the surprises over the Page Six scandal on the East Coast. Students of Tabloid Baby-- and there are more than a few out there—know that just as gossip plays by different rules, so do the people in Hollywood.

Out here, people use private eyes, and if they don't give much thought about how the job's done, they've seen enough Hollywood shamus movies to have an idea. It’s part of the tradition. It’s part of the mystique. It’s part of the summer replacement TV schedule. It’s a key component of a paranoid business in which the real secret is that no one knows what they’re doing, no one’s more talented than anyone else and there’s a lot of money going around for projects like Head of State.

More boldfaced names will be featured in the Pellicano case.

Meanwhile, we've found a nice gallery of Monika Zsibrita photos which give you a Chris Rock-eye view of what Chris Rock was holding on to and burying his face in during he time he’d left his lovely wife back in Brooklyn-- and later thanked by investigating.

And if you want some history on Hollywood private eyes, dirty dealing, drunk driving and the roots of Entertainment Tonight, you really should check out this, ahem, seminal book.

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