Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Waiting for Our Man Elli

Our Man Elli In Israel checks in to turn us on to a recent article in the New York Daily News:

Former Red Sox and Expos general manager Dan Duquette believes the land of Abraham and David will become the next nation to embrace the game of Ruth and Aaron. Duquette is the personnel director for the Israel Baseball League, a new professional circuit scheduled to begin play in June…Six IBL teams will play 48-game schedules, and Duquette says Israeli baseball will be comparable to Single-A ball… U.S. and Israeli companies have signed on as sponsors and Israeli municipal governments are providing stadiums… "There's a lot of interest in fielding an Israeli team in the 2009 World Baseball Classic," Duquette says. "Jewish players from Major League Baseball-- guys like Shawn Green and Mike Lieberthal-- could play, just like Mike Piazza played for Italy in this year's WBC."

And then Our Man Elli forwards us a clip from the TV series Weeds in which a father gives his son masturbation tips.

What Our Man Elli in Israel has not done is give us a report on his recent lecture tour through the American Heartland. We heard from Elli as he stood by the wreckage of the small plane that smashed into a building in Manhattan (piloted by a NY Yankee. Small world), but nothing since.

So. Our Man Elli. Your public awaits. Fill us in.

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