Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is OJ book a hoax cooked up by Regan & ex-lover?

Is the OJ Simpson If I Did It book a scam cooked up by Judith Regan and her lover from her days in the tabloid business?

Back in March, we passed on The New York Post's Page Six report that writer Pablo Fenjves had written a parody of James Frey's phony memoir, A Million Little Pieces, for Judith Regan’s imprint at Harper Collins.

We’d mentioned that Fenjves was Nicole Simpson’s neighbor in 1994, and that he testified on February 7, 1995, in the OJ Simpson murder trial about hearing the “plaintive wail” of Nicole’s Akita dog… Kato… the night Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered. We also passed on the tidbit that Fenjves and Regan were thisclose (romantically involved) back in the Seventies, when they worked together at The National Enquirer.

Now it turns out that Fenjves has been unmasked as OJ Simpson’s “ghostwriter” for the book in which Simpson allegedly “confesses" to the murders— “if” he had committed them. It's obvious Simpson didn't sit at a word processor and write his own book. But Fenjves is obviously a very creative sort and has written many thriller TV movie scripts in the past decade.

Could If I Did It have been another “parody” or fiction written by Fenjves, bought up by his close friend and ex-lover Judith Regan?

Consider the "evidence":

Fenjves has made a living by using his imagination and, he was involved in the Simpson case, he works in the imaginary crime genre, he conjures crime scenes for the small screen, and he writes in other people's voices. This sounds to be right up his alley. And Regan, the genius packager, could have seen this as a way to right all those wrongs she wrote about in her own very disturbing Drudge Report "confession."

What came first? OJ Simpson or the manuscript?

If I Did It could turn out to be a literary hoax right up there with James Frey's work.


Anonymous said...

Either way, neither of them are as entertaining as A Million Little Pieces of Feces -- the fake memoir that is so much more fun than James Frey's by a Mr. Bonkers

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the pundits are over reacting to this OJ story. Should we wait and see what book and Fox TV show is about before we get all upset?

Judith Regan has published some books by bottom feeders such as Lush Limpballs. She dated a married man Bernie Kerik Former NYC police commissioner and Bush Home Land Security failed nominee. Boy does Regan get around.

But Ron Goldman has made a living off his son’s death. His son was some sort of gigolo in LA.


--- Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt

Anonymous said...

good get.